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Georgia Cares strives to educate communities and ignite passion to support victims of child sexual exploitation and trafficking in Georgia. Please look at some below resources to help educate and guide you as you learn more about child sex trafficking. 

Our Resources!
Warning Signs

Costs for Victims

Keeping Your Spark Space: Resource for Youth

How to Help a Friend

Georgia Cares C
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Georgia Cares Mentor Program

Georgia Cares Volunteer Program

How to Get Involved



"Stripped Down, Set Free" by Georgia Cares and Junior League of Atlanta
"Stripped Down, Set Free" (Trailer) by Georgia Cares and Junior League of Atlanta

"Stripped Down, Set Free" (Extended Version) by Georgia Cares and Junior League of Atlanta
"No Bigger Lie" by Adults Saving Kids
"Making of a Girl" by GEMS

Legislative Documents

Learn how to advocate for legislation that supports and protects victims of child sexual exploitation! Click here for our helpful guide on effective advocacy! 

Senate Bill 8 and House Bill 244 Overview
Senate Bill 69
House Bill 200
House Bill 141
House Bill 242
House Bill 744

Shared Hope International's Protected Innocence Challenge, 2014The Protected Innocence Challenge is a comprehensive study of existing state laws designed to inspire and equip advocates. Under the Challenge, every state receives a Report Card that grades the state on 41 key legislative components that must be addressed in a state’s laws in order to effectively respond to the crime of domestic minor sex trafficking. Click here to see Georgia's 2014 Report Card. 

Helpful Websites

Shared Hope International
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

National Human Trafficking Resource Center

Helpful Links

Heather Stockdale's Northwoods Guest Blog Post

About Georgia Cares

Georgia Cares is a non- profit 501(c)(3) entity. We are the state coordinating agency connecting services and supports for child victims of sex trafficking and exploitation. We strive to bring hope, build resilience, and give every child the opportunity to thrive.


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