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Georgia Cares strives to provide services to all victims of CSEC/DMST. Due to funding constraints, it is sometimes difficult to financially support all victims in need of services. Many of the families that Georgia Cares assists are eager to engage with supportive services to improve their children’s well-being. However, they may lack the financial means to access these much-needed services. 

Related imageCosts for treatment, therapy, medication, transportation, and other services for youth are very expensive. Some of these include:


Georgia Cares is committed to improving accessibility to supportive community resources and creatively removing service barriers identified in our work with youth and families. Donations, monetary or material, can provide our youth with an opportunity to take positive steps toward restoration and recovery.

Our Youth Resource Closet

Material donations allow our youth to pursue their interests and passions during their recovery. Imagine what a new art set could do for an aspiring youth applying to an art school. Or how helpful a gas gift card could be for a youth with an after-school job. 

We believe every child deserves a childhood and the opportunity to decide who they want to be. Donations to our resource closet give them that chance to discover who they are.

To view a list of our current resource closet needs, please click the button below.

About Georgia Cares

Georgia Cares is a non- profit 501(c)(3) entity. We are the state coordinating agency connecting services and supports for child victims of sex trafficking and exploitation. We strive to bring hope, build resilience, and give every child the opportunity to thrive.


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