Survivor Stories

Growing up, Abby had a difficult childhood. From the time she was young, she had been repeatedly sexually abused by a family member. By the time she was 14, she was sexually promiscuous and began flirting with an older man in her neighborhood. That man soon began to force Abby to have sex with his friends for money, but Abby was not allowed to keep any of the money. This man, Abby’s trafficker, was also a drug dealer and was eventually arrested for drug possession. When law enforcement searched his home, they found Abby and called the Georgia Cares hotline.


After coordinating a medical exam and making a referral to the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS), Georgia Cares facilitated Abby being placed in a DMST safe home, where she lived for almost a year. She attended school, received trauma-focused therapy and set goals for herself with the assistance of her Georgia Cares Care Coordinator. Abby’s parents had their parental rights terminated because they had known about the years of sexual abuse by the family member but never reported it.


DFCS was eventually able to identify a potential adoptive placement for Abby. Abby’s Care Coordinator supported her through the transition from the safe home into her adoptive home. Abby began to feel more comfortable asserting herself in healthy, positive ways and began adjusting to her new family. She earned her high school diploma and maintained a part-time job. She also began volunteering at a local animal shelter. When her adoption was finalized, Abby’s Care Coordinator was present in the courtroom.