Survivor Stories

Justine was an outgoing 16-year-old who loved to cook big meals for her family. She struggled to pay attention in school and would sometimes leave campus to go to the mall. One day, Justine met a 24-year-old man at the mall who offered to take her to the movies. Justine was soon involved in a romantic relationship with the man and began sneaking out of her house at night to spend time with him. Soon, he was exploiting her at different hotels every night. After being rescued by police, she was taken to the hospital for a medical exam where she discovered she was pregnant. Justine was placed in a group home where she could attend school, receive therapy, and also prepare for parenthood. After her rescue, a Care Coordinator (licensed Social Worker) from Georgia Cares met her at the home and helped her set goals for herself and her baby to recover from the trauma and abuse she endured.


For the next two years, Justine’s Care Coordinator constantly visited and spoke with Justine and provided support while she worked toward her goals. Justine became very committed to her studies, found a part-time job, and obtained her learner’s permit. Justine proved to be an extremely attentive and loving mother to her daughter. Justine’s Care Coordinator eventually advocated for Justine to live independently with her child near her extended family. The Care Coordinator’s last visit took place in Justine’s new apartment, and they celebrated all of Justine’s accomplishments. Justine is now applying for culinary school.