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Care Coordination

  • Georgia Cares provides case management services to confirmed victims of child sex trafficking in Georgia.
  • Case Management aims to assist a victim with navigating systems and attaining and improving access to needed services, with the highest quality of care. The connection and advocacy provides sufficient care and appropriate services to improve the lives of our victims.
  • Our case management involves the coordination of care, connection to services, advocacy, monitoring, discharge, and follow up.
  • If the child is from another state and is in the custody of that state, Georgia Cares can help facilitate services in another State other than Georgia.


  • Georgia Cares provides individual care and service planning to all confirmed victims of child sex trafficking.
  • Individual care planning is conducted with each youth’s input. Youth work with a Care Coordinator to identify goals, interests, and supports that the youth identifies are needed in order to be successful. Utilizing the youth’s input, Care Coordinators connect the appropriate services needed to support the youth’s goals.
  • Georgia Cares works to ensure that these plans are holistic and comprehensive.  Georgia Cares utilizes the dimensions of Child Well-Being to ensure that all needs of youth are being addressed to ensure we are serving the whole child.


  • Georgia Cares coordinates services for youth that are victims of child sex trafficking.
  • Services are selected based on the individual needs of the youth. Care Coordinators are responsible for identifying appropriate service providers, ensuring a successful engagement of the youth with the services, and assessing the success of the services in meeting the needs of the youth.


  • Georgia Cares supports the positive transitioning of youth upon successfully meeting their goals.
  • When a youth is eligible for transition, they will receive comprehensive transition planning. Youth will work with their Care Coordinator to develop a Staying Well Plan and Safety Plan to support and empower the youth to make positive and safe decisions by relying on the formal and informal supports that they have been connected with.
  • Once a youth has successfully transitioned from Georgia Cares services, they will receive a follow up phone call every 6 months for at least a year. Georgia Cares staff make contact with the youth, parents/caretakers, and pertinent agencies/organizations in order to ascertain whether and to what extent the youth’s recovery is continuing.


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Georgia Cares is a non- profit 501(c)(3) entity. We are the state coordinating agency connecting services and supports for child victims of sex trafficking and exploitation. We strive to bring hope, build resilience, and give every child the opportunity to thrive.


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