“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.? - Aesop

You might be interested in donating to Georgia Cares in a number of ways, but don’t currently have the funds or resources to do so, as the costs for victim restoration and recovery are very expensive. Fundraising in the community is a great way to spread awareness of minor sex trafficking in Georgia while also gaining financial support and other needed donations.

  • Cost to conduct a research and evidence-based assessment with a victimized youth: $100 (per child)
  • Cost to create an individualized care plan, specific to youth's strengths and needs: $50 (per child)
  • Cost for a mentor to provide informal support and services for a victim: $50 (per day)
  • Cost to support the Georgia Cares 24-hour hotline for one week: $3400
  • Cost to meet a victim's prescription medication needs: $250 (per child)
  • Cost to take the SAT, ACT & apply for college: $250 (per child)
  • Cost for transportation services for victims (and their families) in the community: $100 (per child)
  • Cost to sponsor a child's care and treatment for one month: $6600 (per month, per child)
  • Cost for a victim to receive counseling and therapeutic services for one week: $150 (per month. per child)
  • Cost to support an extracurricular activity for a victim: $30 (per day, per child)
  • Cost to support a youth with residential safe home services: $5600 (per month)
  • Cost to support a victim in applying for jobs and internships: $75 (per child)

With your hard work, dedication and passion for Georgia’s youth, the donations received through your fundraising efforts will have a lasting impression on the youth that we serve. Thank you in advance for supporting our cause and our youth!

Fundraising Ideas

Donate Your Birthday

Make your birthday life changing by asking for donations instead of gifts!

Cook Off

Within your friend group, neighborhood or community, host a cook off of your favorite seasonal dish where attendees enter with a small donation to Georgia Cares.

Walk or Run

Host a fun run, 5k, 10k or any other walk/run activity to raise money for our mission.

Online Fundraiser

Start a fundraiser by selling crafts, clothes or other works of art online, similar to the mission of LulaRoe.

Game Night

Choose your favorite multiplayer games such as Super Mario, Sorry, Jenga, card games and more, and host a game night for a donation.

Restaurant Percentage Night

Ask your favorite restaurant in the community if they will allow a night for a portion of their proceeds to be donated to Georgia Cares.

Fashion Show

Find local boutiques and shops that are willing to partner with you to host a fashion show. Proceeds can go to the cause, while the clothing stores gain morale and visibility.

Office "Jeans" Day

Offer your office a chance to get comfortable and wear jeans on certain days of the month for a small donation to Georgia Cares.

Trivia Night

In your own home or with a local business, host a trivia night where teams enter with a donation and a percentage of the proceeds go to the winning team, while the other portion supports Georgia Cares.

Golf Tournament

Take fundraising to the greens with a golf tournament for a cause! Head to your local golf course and host a tournament supporting our cause.

Donation Night for Mary Kay, Rodan and Fields, etc.

For your next launch party of any product, gain more attendees by promoting that a percentage of the proceeds raised will support Georgia Cares.

Fitness Class

Grab a fitness instructor or your most athletic friend and host a fitness class of any kind - yoga, Zumba, Pilates, etc. - for a small donation.

Garage Sale

Clean out your storage unit, basement, attic, and closets and sell your unused items for a donation to Georgia Cares.

Comedy Show

Research great punch lines or find comedians in your network/community to host a comedy show in your home or at a local business.

Georgia Cares can help!

We would love to support your fundraising efforts in any way possible! Contact admin@gacares.org if you need help with brainstorming other fundraising ideas, tax deductible information, help promoting events on social media and/or the Georgia Cares logo for materials if applicable. With a timely request, we may even be able to provide a volunteer speaker or Georgia Cares representative.

Send in your donation/proceeds.

Mail a check or cash within 30 days following the conclusion of your event to:

Georgia Cares
P.O. Box 724197
Atlanta, Georgia 31139

Checks should be made payable to: Georgia Cares

Note: Once we receive your donation, a tax exempt letter will be sent to you for tax purposes.

Say thank you!

Send thank-you letters, notes or emails to everyone who participated in or supported your event. This shows your appreciation and reinforces their goodwill for supporting you!

Plan your next fundraiser!

The best time to think of a new idea is right after an event or fundraiser. This of what parts went well and what could be changed to make the next event even more successful. And as always, Georgia Cares staff is here to help!