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Much has been developed since the inception of Georgia Cares in August 2009. Georgia leads the way in providing a statewide system of care response and a single point of entry for children who are victims of Child Sex Trafficking.  Protocols for the recovery of children, and the collaborative response for treating the children as victims of a crime, are well established and successfully being utilized.  The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, agents from the FBI and local law enforcement are participating in the collaborative efforts to serve these youth as victims, and frequently rely on Georgia Cares for information and support.  Specialized residential care for Child Sex Trafficking youth, in the way of emergency beds, a safe home for longer term care, and independent living options have been created by collaborative partners. Meeting the needs of youth in residential care and those in the community is a collaborative effort of those partners participating in the system of care approach to better serve victims of Child Sex Trafficking and at-risk youth. 

  • Since August 2009, Georgia Cares has received over 2,700 referrals of youth suspected to be victims of sexual exploitation or trafficking. 
  • Referrals have been received from over 134 counties in Georgia.
  • 100% of youth completing Georgia Cares services do not return to an exploiter or trafficker.
  • Georgia Cares operates a 24-hour, 7 day hotline to provide emergency response to victims of sex trafficking and exploitation. The Georgia Cares hotline is a vital resource regularly accessed by law enforcement, medical providers and other youth serving agencies. On average, we receive approximately 128 calls a month from individuals seeking support and services.

Georgia Cares, along with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, co-chairs the Statewide Commercial Sexual Exploitation Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting. This monthly meeting convenes an array of partners from multiple disciplines, to discuss and strengthen the services provided to youth victims of sexual exploitation or trafficking. Partners that attend this meeting include, but are not limited to: Department of Juvenile Justice, Division of Family and Children Services, Law Enforcement, Residential Treatment Providers, and Therapeutic Providers.

Georgia Cares partners with CSEC-Residential Treatment Providers Georgia Baptist Children's Home and Wellspring Living, to coordinate safe, appropriate placement for youth.

Georgia Cares is a partner of the Statewide CSEC Task Force, managed by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Georgia Cares serves on Workgroup Seven: Survivors Support and Protection, aimed to develop impactful and sustainable projects to aid youth victims in recovering from exploitation or trafficking, while gaining experiences and skills to lead successful, productive lives.




About Georgia Cares

Georgia Cares is a non- profit 501(c)(3) entity. We are the state coordinating agency connecting services and supports for child victims of sex trafficking and exploitation. We strive to bring hope, build resilience, and give every child the opportunity to thrive.


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