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Who We Serve

Georgia Cares serves any youth in Georgia who is a confirmed victim of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. We serve a variety of youth from various socioeconomic backgrounds, different family structures, all races and genders. Specifically, we work with youth who are:

  • Female, Male and Transgender youth
  • Up to the age of 18
  • Located across all parts of Georgia
  • Reside in Georgia
  • Confirmed victims of commercial sexual exploitation

Georgia Cares believes that youth who have been sexually exploited can be restored to safety, health and well-being when they are recognized as victims of sexual abuse and receive appropriate treatment and support.  If you know a youth and believe that exploitation has occurred, refer the youth to our organization and we will work with you, the youth, and other partners to ensure that we can connect quality care and services to support the youth in their journey of restoration. 

About Georgia Cares

Georgia Cares is a non- profit 501(c)(3) entity. We are the state coordinating agency connecting services and supports for child victims of sex trafficking and exploitation. We strive to bring hope, build resilience, and give every child the opportunity to thrive.


Contact Us

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24-Hour Hotline

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